Periodic Table Snap/Memory

We’re still on Atomic Structure study.  We made a game to help reinforce the Element Symbols with the actual Elements.  This was to help with faster recall (and not having to sing the whole song every time she was working out an element) and confidence that she really knew them.

We made a template (below) of the first 20 plus a couple of extras they were told they would need.  These are the same size as normal playing cards.  We just glued them onto the playing cards.  We enjoyed snap but memory (pairs) was the most successful.  You could adapt this game to anything the kids have learn – like flags/countries, capital cities/countries, maths shapes.  Possibilities are endless…

Periodic Table Snap 1 and 11-18

Periodic Table Snap 2-10

Periodic Table Snap 16-20 plus Fe Zn Cu Ag



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