Using Technology

I am sure the calculator and spell check was invented by a dyslexic person 😉 bless them.  Like many other adult dyslexics out there, my writing at school was limited to what I could spell.  The mantra in our house now – rightly or wrongly – is get close enough so spell check will pick it up!  My other tip – when even spell check can’t figure out what you are saying – use the Synonym feature, type a word that is a synonym to one you are trying to spell and then find it on the list.  My justification for this is that helps develop vocabulary.   The google tool bar is also an excellent quick spell check on the run.

I believe the advances in technology is a blessing for dyslexic people and especially children.  If they are lucky they have teachers that will accept different ways of demonstrating knowledge outside the traditional pen and paper.  I think iPads and tablets are wonderful and have some wonderful apps but I do think if you have a dyslexic kid, get them on a laptop as soon as possible.  We are lucky enough to have both.   The reason I recommend moving to the laptop as soon as possible is mainly so they are comfortable with it when they move into Middle/Senior School.  Being able to type quickly and confidently means they can take notes and write at a good speed.   Often my girls do the drawing/diagrams by hand in the traditional school book and either type notes or photograph the board.  They either print them out and glue them into the book or keep them on the laptop (depending on the subject/teacher).

Also, in New Zealand, SAC (special assessment conditions) allow for a computer and/or extra time.  Having a good typing speed allows the kids to use the time well.




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