Science Badges

Like a lot of dyslexic kids, my girls love science.  We are very lucky that since the they have been in Middle/Senior school they have had some excellent science teachers.  Of all the Departments in my girls’ school the Science Department has definitely been the most accommodating and dyslexic friendly.

One thing our Science Department offers is the Science Trust Award “science badges”  .  It actually has 3 sections covering kids from Year 3 right through to Year 10.

For Year 7-10, you choose the badge you want to complete (hopefully with your teacher on board) say “Home Chemistry”.  Your child is then given a sheet with 25 activities on it – each with a different activity of 1-3 stars.  They need to complete a total of 20 stars to receive the badge.   For example, in the Chemistry Badge making Hokey Pokey with give you 2 stars.

What we loved about these badges is that the activities are varied enough that it really engages the kids and REALLY importantly helps their self-esteem and confidence in science.  Hats off to the fantastic people that run this volunteer organisation.



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