Life Hacks

My girls struggled to learn to read; they loved being read to, loved books, but learning to read at school was a real struggle. 


This is Maths too

Maths was always a struggle for us through the Junior School.  Timed tests, learning tables,… it was all bad.  Our youngest found it all particularly difficult – I would ask ‘What is 4 + 3?” She would reply “mmmm maybe 9, or 8’.  This was made worse by her teachers not allowing her to use… Continue reading This is Maths too

Periodic Table Snap/Memory

We’re still on Atomic Structure study.  We made a game to help reinforce the Element Symbols with the actual Elements.  This was to help with faster recall (and not having to sing the whole song every time she was working out an element) and confidence that she really knew them. We made a template (below)… Continue reading Periodic Table Snap/Memory